Beneficial affects of nursing and diabetic foot essay

Based on eligibility standards. The survey excluded patients with orthopaedic diseases. Each group received instruction and attention by a professional nurse that was in conformity with their hazard appraisal. The 4 groups were:

Beneficial affects of nursing and diabetic foot essay

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background The Purpose of this study is to clarify the care process for Iranian diabetic patients with diabetic foot ulcer condition. Data collection was carried out until data saturation was achieved.

Saturation was achieved after interviewing 11 patients, 4 physicians, one head nurse and one nurse. Results Three main themes emerged from this study, including: Each of these themes is consisted of different sub-themes.

Conclusions This is the first study to describe the care process in Iranian diabetic patients with diabetic foot ulcer disease. Care, Education, Diabetics, Qualitative study, Wound care Introduction The disease of diabetes is one of the important problems of the world and the number of patients suffering from it, is growing day by day.

Barathmanikanth declared the number of diabetics in the world to be million people [ 1 ]. Diabetes challenges patients with numerous complications; even the proper treatment of diabetes, type 2, goes with cardio diseases, neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy and the diabetic foot syndrome [ 2 ].

In addition, more than 20 percent of patients, who suffer from the diabetic foot syndrome, experience amputation during their lives [ 3 ]. Research has shown that behavioral factors are effective in bringing success for treating the diabetic foot ulcer disease but patients do not follow these recommendations thoroughly [ 5 ].

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Besides, few researches have been done about foot ulcer in Iran and most of them are quantitative studies which have emphasized on a specific aspect of the phenomenon and have failed to examine the whole process. In this regard, Vileikyte, et al.

Nevertheless, in order to clarify the aforementioned process, the researchers selected the qualitative research method. According to the researchers and by importance of the already mentioned points, the effective factors and obstacles of care process of foot ulcer condition can be known, through conducting more extensive research and gaining experience about this process.

Beneficial affects of nursing and diabetic foot essay

The present study was designed and implemented to clarify the care process for diabetic foot ulcer. Grounded theory method GT is a systematic methodology in the social sciences involving the discovery of theory through the analysis of data.

It is mainly used in qualitative research, but is also applicable to quantitative data [ 78 ]. Grounded theory method is a research method which operates almost in a reverse fashion from traditional social science research.

Rather than beginning with a hypothesis, the first step is data collection, through a variety of methods. From the data collected, the key points are marked with a series of codes, which are extracted from the text. The codes are grouped into similar concepts in order to make them more workable.

From these concepts, categories are formed, which are the basis for the creation of a theory, or a reverse engineered hypothesis.

This contradicts the traditional model of research, where the researcher chooses a theoretical framework, and only then applies this model to the phenomenon to be studied [ 9 ]. In this research, purposive sampling was done for patients with diabetic foot ulcer condition, which was followed by doing analysis and interviews simultaneously.

After interviewing 11 patients suffering from foot ulcer disease who were hospitalized at one of the biggest government and university affiliated hospitals in the city of Tehran, data analysis directed us toward collecting data from nurses and physicians 6 individuals to complement the process.

Data collection continued until no new data could be added and data saturation was achieved. Overall, the number of participants reached 17 people. In order to collect the data, the demographic questionnaire and interviews, based on interview guideline, were used.

Tools The demographic questionnaire consisted of information such as age, gender, duration of suffering from the disease, record of using glibenclamide tablets, insulin usage record, having any record of spontaneous healing of wounds and amputation.I have written about diabetes quite a few times.

Beneficial affects of nursing and diabetic foot essay

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- This essay will explore the long term condition Diabetes, assessment tools used to assess patient on presentation to hospital, nursing process and theory and implementation of care planning, patient education, patient adherence and interaction of multidisciplinary team.

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Health And Patient Education For Diabetic Foot Care Words | 6 Pages Population Health and patient education for diabetic foot care Generally our population sees diabetes as a disease for people that can’t eat sugar, but, those with diabetes know it comes with some life changing events.

Foot ulceration and amputation contribute significantly to the high rates of morbidity and mortality affecting individuals with diabetes.[4,5] It is reported that prevalence of diabetes mellitus in Iran is % with an annual increase of 5, patients, and the prevalence of diabetes foot ulcer is 3%, and the rate of lower limb amputation is to be 30%.

ISA’s BLS Workshop held at OCHRI. Indian Society of Anesthesiology, Nagpur City Branch in association with Orange City Hospital & Research Institute under the insignia of “Siddhi” recently organized a 2 day Workshop on ‘Basic Life Support’ at Jaivik Sabhagruha, OCHRI for the benefit of doctors, nursing, housekeeping and non .

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